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Pioneering in Catalytic Vacuum Pyrolysis for the Production of Highest Quality Biochar, Bio Oils, Bio Gas, and Wood Vinegar while Permanently Sequestering Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide


The CarbonStar mobile catalytic vacuum pyrolysis system is the result of 16 years of research and development


To enable individuals, municipalities, and companies to share in the $100 trillion CO2 removal industry


The CarbonStar mobile catalytic vacuum pyrolysis system converts any form of biomass into carbon negative biochar

Atmospheric and Oceanic
Carbon Capture Technology

Our planet is unhealthy due to excess carbon in the atmosphere. However the problem goes beyond that. We also have excess carbon in the oceans causing acidification and warming, resulting in loss of vital coral life and retarded shell formation of the crustaceans that populate the lower end of the food chain. Further the use of fossil fuels adds CO2 to the atmosphere while less than optimal agricultural methods reduce the carbon absorbing properties of the soil, one of the planet’s major carbon sinks. Lastly, decomposition of our excessive waste streams and environmentally impacted dead and decomposing biomass contribute methane, a very powerful greenhouse gas (GHG), to the problems we face.

Environmental Fact Sheet

1. For any level of CO2 in the atmosphere, the planet will heat to a fixed, stable temperature. The rate of CO2 rise has been increasing since 1950. [1] Current CO2 level as of July 2021 is 417.

2. Based on 400,000 years of ice core data and 60 years of monthly readings by Keeling, the time lag from the point where a certain CO2 level stabilizes to attainment of the planet’s stable temperature is centuries.[2]

3. This means that even if we achieve Net Zero CO2 emissions today, we will still see an 8dF planetary temperature rise. This was acknowledged recently by CA Governor Gavin Newsome.

How the CarbonStar system can Help to
Solve our Major Environmental Challenges

1. For every ton of waste wood biomass processed, the CarbonStar system produces enough biochar to permanently sequester one ton of atmospheric CO2, displace 60 to 90 gallons of fossil fuels with carbon neutral bio oils, 10-40 gallons of wood vinegar for agricultural use, and provides 10,000 cubic feet of clean, high BTU, carbon neutral bio gas.

2. The biochar is in activated form, enabling its use to clean contaminated water, draw toxins from soil, detoxify soil borne aflotoxins, and to recarbonize and replenish depleted agricultural soils with new microbial life, while enhancing existing arable soils resulting in increases in the soil’s atmospheric CO2 drawdown and crop yields. The biochar can be used to reclaim unproductive land, enhance animal health, strengthen cement, and many other purposes.

The CarbonStar system incorporates a pyrolysis process whereby biomass feed stocks are heated in an oxygen depleted environment to drive off volatile substances leaving biochar, a high carbon material, behind. In the CarbonStar system, as diagrammed in Figure 1, various feed stocks pass through an airlock into an evacuated 28 foot long heated tube containing an auger to move the feed stock at a controlled speed along its length. The tube has been previously infused with a catalyst to accelerate the chemical activity within. As the biomass heats up under a vacuum, volatiles are driven off as bio gases in a process known as depolymerization. When all volatiles have been driven off, the solid biochar leaves the vacuum tube through an airlock. The bio gases are then drawn from the vacuum tube where they are cooled, condensed, separated into two fractions then moved into storage tanks. The remaining bio gases and water vapor are further chilled then enter a separation tank. The gases are then either compressed, or combusted in a boiler or electric generator to produce the power to operate the CarbonStar system. The remaining liquid wood vinegar is used in the agricultural sector to improve soil quality, as a plant nutrient to increase yields, and as a herbicide or pesticide to control pests.
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